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Personal Branding Workshop with Haley Hoffman-Smith

Developing Your Personal Brand The "Baked Potato Principle"

Haley Hoffman Smith is a notable Author, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, Model & Actress. While all these impressive feats are still applicable, it’s what isn’t on paper or at the headline of her Linkedin profile that truly makes Haley the outstanding influencer that she is today. On June 10th, from 6-7PM, we had the fantastic opportunity of hosting a workshop with Haley, where she walked us through the process of developing your “personal brand.” 

Hoffman remarks that your personal brand is how your friends and the people who know you would choose to describe you. It is that one thing that comes to mind when someone says your name. On the topic of strengthening your personal brand, Haley talks about what she calls “The Baked Potato Principle.” One day she shared on her Instagram story that she was craving a baked potato but could only order from a very expensive steakhouse or a local Wendy’s. She took her followers through this journey of getting herself a baked potato that night. Her followers were both intrigued and entertained at the peculiar lengths she went to, just to have a baked potato. Since then, her baked potato craving became a connecting point for a conversation with those around her. Further, when people started to think of Baked Potatoes, they began to think of Haley.

Image of Haley Hoffman-Smith an Author, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, and Model & Actress.

This is significant that if you can make someone think about you when a specific item is brought to mind, that association in their mind develops influence and trust. This influence and trust between you and that person who is thinking of you. The steps that Hoffman states will bring you closer towards discovering your personal brand are to think about questions such as: 

  1. What is your favorite, eat-it-four-times-a-week type of food? 
  2. What is your favorite Lazy Sunday activity?
  3. What is your favorite place on Earth? 
  4. If you were a hashtag, what would it say? 
  5. What can you usually be seen wearing?

All of these questions will help draw you closer towards understanding and developing the characteristics that make you yourself. Defining your unique quirks, qualities, and interests will bring you closer to determining your personal brand.

Entre Interview with Haley Hoffman-Smith

Feel free to check out the full event here.

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