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How to Find Your Purpose

In order to help you find you passions and purpose it is a good idea to start off by first writing down what you enjoy doing. Begin by writing as many things you can think of that you like to do. Things that bring you joy and happiness. This should be at least 20 things.

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Examples could include: playing an instrument, hiking, swimming, basketball, helping people, volunteering, investing, reading, video games, etc… Don’t overthink it, just start writing down things that light you up or make you feel good when you’re doing them.

Now, number them 1-20(+). The order does not matter. Next, compare the first thing (1) you wrote with the second (2). Which one can you not live without? Which are you most passionate about? If it is 1, now you compare 1 to 3 and do the same thing. If you are more passionate about 3, compare 3 to 4 and so on until you go through the whole list the first time through. Now you have your #1 passion. Do the process again but this time take out the one you have already chosen. Repeat this 5 times so you have 5 ultimate passions at the end.

Write down five things

If you’re having trouble with this exercise, you can just select 5 things you wrote down that feel right at this moment. The goal here is to get the top 5 things you are passionate about.

Once you have your top 5, for example…

  1. Spending time with family.
  2. Hiking and being in nature.
  3. Assisting people to live better lives.
  4. Working out and healthy living.
  5. Traveling.

So maybe you could be a fitness trainer and nutritionist that takes people on retreats around the world and helps them get fit and healthy in fun, adventurous and unique ways. And THAT provides the money and lifestyle to spend a lot of time with your family or even bring them with you. You want to think of a way to integrate as many passions into your business and life as possible.

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