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How To Find a Co-Founder For Your Startup

Start Your Co-Founder Search Today

Finding a Co-Founder is no easy task. Starting a business is a grueling endeavor, and partnering with someone you can trust to take that journey with you is a challenge. There are many things to consider when choosing a Co-Founder; do they have a complementary skill set, a strong work ethic, and can they handle weathering the difficult times? Many entrepreneurs have even compared Co-Founder relationships to marriages! One of the most challenging tasks for any early-stage founder is looking for a partner and determining the best place to meet someone who has a shared vision. Here are some of the ways to start your Co-Founder search today.

Ways to Find Your Next Co-Founder

Angel List

AngelList is a website for startups looking to find talent, angel investors, and job-seekers. The aspect that differentiates AngelList from other recruitment sites is that the job seekers who’ve joined it are eager to work in a startup environment. You can find potential Co-Founders by listing your company and putting up a job posting.


Upwork is a platform that connects businesses with freelancers with a variety of skills in all kinds of industries. Hiring someone through a freelancing contract could be an excellent way to see if that person would be a good fit for your organization before bringing them on as a Co-Founder.


A tried and true way to connect with potential Co-Founders is through networking. Depending on your location, there are networking events nearly every night of the week if you look for them. A great way to maximize your efforts is to seek out industry-specific events to increase your chances of finding someone in a similar field or someone who may be working on the same problem. 

Since the pandemic, traditional networking has come to a halt. However, even with in-person events postponed for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people virtually. Many companies have pivoted from in-person networking events to virtual ones, including Entre! You can see all of our upcoming events here:


If you’re a student, a great place to find potential Co-Founders is on your college campus. You’re more likely to be surrounded by people who are willing to work for equity. The further out of college people get, and the more job experience they acquire, the harder it will be to convince someone to abandon a steady paycheque and venture into a risky startup.


Entre is a hub for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and build all in one place. Entrepreneurship is hard. Our goal is to make it less lonely, less confusing, and less frustrating to start and grow a business.

Entre has recently launched an app that enables entrepreneurs to create content, search, and connect with fellow business owners and find potential mentors and advisors. The app gives you the ability to search for Co-Founders in your industry and location in a matter of clicks.

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