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Effective Online Networking Strategies

How Online Networking Happens

Traditional networking has been completely disrupted since COVID-19. With most large in-person gatherings postponed until further notice, people need to get creative when it comes to networking. There are many different ways to reach out to people online, but where do you start? Below we outline the steps for discovering, communicating, and booking a networking session with someone you want to meet.

an image of a flowchart on how people begin networking online

While the chart above illustrates the initial steps to take, there is also an art to crafting the right messaging to make sure you get the attention of the person you’re reaching out too. Remember that people have a lot of competing priorities. Please give them a reason to want to speak with you by making sure you do your research and send them a personalized message. Check out these networking tips from successful entrepreneurs who have spoken at some of our past events for inspiration.

Networking Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs

April Koh: Mentors & Networking

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David A. Moreno: Have Mentors & Always Network

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Lane Campbell: How do you get connected to the top entrepreneurs?

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Liz Wessel: The Cold Email Advice

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